Sunday, February 25, 2024


10th series – race 2 of 5

Congratulations to Matt Rabasco and Megan McCandless on their wins 😊

      Results: Greylock Road Race 2023 Results.pdf (

Up next is the Prospect Mountain Road Race, 3rd race of the series;

34th Prospect Mountain Road Race on Saturday, May 11, 2024 9:00AM

Link: 34th Prospect Mountain Road Race Registration Page (

Welcome to Carrie Mock, Linda & Doug Usher and Trista Brown for joining our 10th Northeast Uphill Mountain Series!

I asked Linda if she might do a brief write-up about her Greylock race? Linda kindly replied;

”Hi Fred, Can I just copy Freddie's recap? Ha, ha! I think the most memorable part of the race was when 8 of us tried to get back down the mountain in a pick-up truck. It made it a little challenging with all the police officers on the course! The 3 of us (Linda, Doug & Trista) really enjoyed the race and seeing all our mountain goat friends!”

Linda #240, thanks' for your write up! 

Points for the Mt Greylock Road Race: (159 finishers)

            1)        Matt Rabasco                                 56:39     100.00

16)   Megan McCanless                         1:09:33       81.45

20)   Josh Curtis            3rd 40-49M      1:11:53       78.81

31)   Jeff Gould                   50-50M      1:17:41       72.92

44)   Freddi Triback      3rd 50-59F        1:24:52       66.75

47)   Donna Smyth       1st 60-69F        1:26:00       65.87

50)   Jackie Shakar       2nd 60-69F         1:27:31       64.73

66)   Brian Walfield            60-69M       1:32:32       61.22

78)   Sau-Mei Leung           50-59F         1:34:39      59.85

91)   Trista Brown               50-59F          1:38:11      57.70

96)   Darrel Lasell                60-69M       1:39:31      56.93

102) Fred Ross III                70-120M     1:41:30      55.81

133) Linda Usher          2nd 70-120F       1:52:57      50.15

134) Doug Usher                60-69M        1:52:58      50.15

144) Mary Sharkey       3rd 70-120F       1:58:19      47.88

150) Ed Varney                    60-69M       2:04:32      45.49

Points and standings after Mt Greylock:

               1)           Josh                        142.83

               2)           Jeff                          137.21

               3)           Freddi                     125.82

               4)           Jackie                      122.13

               5)           Donna                     122.00

               6)           Brian                        113.21

               7)           Sau-Mei                   112.38

               8)           Darrel                       107.52

               9)           Fred                          102.08

               10)       Mary                           92.65

               11)       Ed                                 87.64

               12)       Kevin                            70.62

               13)       Bob                               60.17

               14)       Trista                             57.70

               15)       Caroline Mock   56F    52.61

               16)       Linda                             50.15

               17)       Doug                             50.15

               18)       Ellen                             48.76

Welcome to one of our newest series members Carrie Mock #391, pictured in the Race to the Top of Vermont

      Thanks for additional pictures to Freddi & Brian and Darrel 😊

And we are off :) 

Tower looks soooo far away :)

Freddie setting up the JUMP photo :)

Way to go Ray!!!

I don't even tri to jump anymore.

Thanks Ken and crew for continuing the race!!!

The Tower is an amazing structure!

1st time I've ever been inside!

View from inside!

Deb and Jackie's sister hiked up and gave us a ride down :)

Going to the Wigwam Western Summit Cafe after is nice!

View of Greylock from inside.

Nice selection of food.

Being a nice day, eating outside was great!

Two of the most awesome, fun loving women :)

On to Prospect!!!

Thursday, August 31, 2023

                           race 1 of 5 – Stowe, Vermont

For the 1st race in the 10th NEUHMS, we sure lucked out with the weather once more, 61 degrees when we arrived @ 7:55am. Great to see so many others out supporting the Catamount Trail Association, taking on the toll road running, hiking and biking!

Next weekend the 2nd race, 48th Mt Greylock Road Race, takes place in North Adams, MA. Online reg w/day of race also.

Mt Greylock Road Race 2023 - Berkshire Running Center

Congratulations to Joe Gray and Margie Freed on their wins!

Joe Gray winning in 32:52, just 2 seconds off Eric Blakes course record!

Margie Freed winning in 41:12

Will only post the standing for now. If you know anyone that would like to be a part of the series, have them contact me asap. Requirements posted after the pictures @ the end. thank you 😊

Let me know of any errors as I’m prone to such things

Points for the NEDD Race to the Top of Vermont: (288 finishers)

            1)          Joe Gray                               39M       32:52  100.00

21)     Margie Freed                        25F        41:12     79.81

47)     Kevin Cavanaugh                 54M       46:34     70.62

70)     Jeff Gould                              58M       51:09     64.29

71)     Josh Curtis                             48M       51:22     64.02

101)   Freddi Triback                        51F       55:40     59.07

108)   Jackie Shakar(2nd 60-69)      64F       57:17     57.40

118)   Donna Smyth(3rd 60-69)      63F       58:35     56.13

151)   Sau-Mei Leung                      57F     1:02:36     52.53

160)   Brian Walfield                       61M     1:03:15     51.99

171)   Darrel Lasell                          65M     1:05:00     50.59

185)   Ellen Raffio                            55F       1:07:26     48.76

210)   Fred Ross III                           77M     1:11:04     46.27

223)   Mark Sharkey(2nd 70-79)     73F      1:13:27     44.77

245)   Ed Varney                               64M     1:18:01     42.15

288)   Robin Meese-Varney            63F     1:55:40     28.43

Full results:  Results - RACE TO THE TOP VT (

Thank you Freddie & Brian and Darrel for some of the pictures 😊

Also, thanks to Northeast Delta Dental & Joe Vigor who’s pix can be found @ the link below.

    Joe Viger Photography (

Meeting Friday to pick up Bib's

Jeff & Josh walking up from parking area 1/2 mile below.

Not too many @ the starting area yet.

Joe Vigor and company ready for a busy day

Darrel & Cheryl with race director Greg Maino and announcer Josh Ferenc

Jackie warming up

Freddi warming up

Smiling faces all around :)

Final instructions....

...and GO :)

Jackie and Sau-Mei :)

Darrel & Sau-Mei :)

Ed :)

Robin & Fred :)

Makes me think of Ken Skier, miss him!

Wonderful aide station workers up ahead :)

Emer & Marcy @ 3 miles

Moving up into the clouds :)

Donna moving on up :)

Sau-Mei moving well :)

Brian always smiling :)

Looking ahead :)

Mary doing well :)

Ed looking good :)

Robin getting it done, way to go!!!

Kevin is our 1st finisher in 46:34

Jeff finishing in 51:09

Josh makes it a North Medford Club sweep finishing in 51:22

Freddie finishes our 1st woman in 55:40

Jackie finishing in 57:17

Smiling Donna will finish in 58:35

Emer and Marcy finishing, could not catch them :)

Brian is a selfie master :)

Who is Happy to be done??? :)

Finish is just below the nose, which is officially meets criteria for another 4,000'er

Great time @ the finishing area!

Near the finish area

Darrel prep's for a group photo

Ta da :)

Another memorable time together :)

Way to go Ed!

Freddie takes over photo duty for a pix of Joe & Ellen :) 

These wonderful folks add so much to this race experience!!!

Some wonderful views!!!

Caught Joe working on the way down :)

One winter, Donna & I snowshoed to that lodge for a snack on the way to the summit :)

Joe "made us" go back up for a JUMP photo...very cool :)

Kids race was going on as we descended, wonderful :)

Ellen talks with Hannah after her race :)

Another nice group picture :)

Today's women's podium :)

And the men's :)

How'd ya get all them mugs??? As Len Hall photo bombs :)

Mary finishes 2nd in her age group :)

Men's 70-79 group full of Rock Stars :)


The 10th series will consist of the same 5 races (Mansfield, Greylock, Prospect, Ascutney and Washington) you must complete 4 to qualify for a lottery by-pass!

     Mount Washington  will count, IF you get in. In order to meet series requirements for MT Washington, you must enter the lottery. If you don’t get in email me your notice of not getting in and you will  still be considered  a “Mountain Goat” towards a lottery by-pass, if you complete the other races.

   Each “Mountain Goat” will also receive a custom certificate…suitable for framing!


Lottery by-pass:

       You must complete at least 4 races. Up to 30 runners will be able to earn a lottery by-pass into the 2024 Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race. If fewer than 30 runners join the series, all will have a chance. If more, the first 30 to join will be eligible to receive a by-pass, after the first 30, additional members will be put on waiting list.  To clarify, if one of the first 30 runners to sign-up doesn’t complete the requirements, the next person who qualifies for a lottery by-pass moves up, etc. Placement of your entry into the series will be determined by the date and time your sign-up email is received by me AFTER “the checks are in the mail”. Send an email to to let me know and you wish to join. After you complete each race, email your time to me, PLEASE! Times will be as listed in the official results, so if you disagree with your time you must straighten it out with the RD.  I will calculate and keep track of points, etc.


Requirements to join the series:

1)           Send a tax-deductible check for $15 made out to “America Trail Running Association” (ATRA), PO Box 9454, Colorado Springs, CO 80932 

OR you may join for $25/year link here Individual Memberships — ATRA (  

Please indicate “neuhms - team support” on your check memo line



2)          Send a tax-deductible check for $15 made out to Mount Washington Observatory, PO Box 2310, North Conway, NH 03860

OR you may join for $25/year link here Mount Washington Observatory | Membership       

Please indicate “Northeast Uphill Mountain Series” on your check memo line



Tremendous thanks to the Mount Washington Auto Road for the lottery by-passes! If your going to be in their area, please be sure to check and see what’s going on!   


Thanks to my local club, the Red Clover Rovers for providing money for the “Mountain Goat” certificates you will receive after the series is completed.   


Placement will be based on total points from your best 4 races (which is how everyone will be scored).  Whoever wins the race gets 100 points; everyone else’s points will be calculated by dividing the winner’s time by your own. Example: winner’s time is 1 hour, yours is 2 hours. Your points would be 50.00.


Let others know about the series that you think might be interested and HAVE FUN!