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Ascutney Mountain Run

4th series, race #4

Robin Allen-Burke, what about this ball of energy, git-r-done, take charge Woman! She, along with Team AMP’ers, saved this wonderful race from passing! We, your fellow runners, heap loads of praise upon you!!! Everyone all together now, three cheers for Robin! Hip, hip, hurrah! Hip, hip, hurrah! Hip, hip, hurrah!!! OK, that’s enough…don’t want her head to not fit through the doorway 😊

Robin tells me the folks working at the State Park also went over n above helping out, thank you so much!!! Northeast Delta Dental lent a hand as the Primary Sponsor, with many other businesses and others helping out…a true Team effort! With 51 runners signed up ahead of time n about 25 more on race day I hope you came close to breaking even!?
It was reeeaaally great that Greg Maino was able to come down, donate to the race’s prizes n set up a tent at the finish for runners interested to learn more about the Race to the Top of Vermont. It will be the 1st race in the 5th Series held on Sunday, August 22nd…a Great Race!!! Check it out
I competed in the USATF National Mountain Running Championships @ Cranmore Mountain last weekend n my right leg developed sciatica! My running wasn’t pretty n didn’t know how this day would go, other than I’d be lucky to get up the hill! Talked with Robin n timers n agreed I’d go up on my own, give them my time n take pictures. Oh boy!
And what a glorious day it was! Not overly hot with the 9am start n views forever up above! Whatayathik AMP’ers…if ya loved it jump for joy…er, Robin 😊

Through Ascutney, there are 11 of use that have done all 4 races and on track for a 2018 lottery by-pass, congratulations! From the information I have, please correct me if I’m wrong, Meg, Darrel n Cris failed to get into Washington through the lottery but the rest of us are in…please confirm in an email to me @ Thank you!
Here are the current stat's for the 4th series, please let me know if you find any errors, thanks again!
Series points and standings for the Ascutney Mountain Run: (70 finishers)
       1)     Drew Best(35M)               (30:44)    100.00
8)     Kevin Cavanaugh(48M)   (38:22)      80.10
10)   Jeff Gould(52M)                (40:04)      76.71
11)   Joshua Curtis(42M)          (40:53)      75.17
16)   Bob Mulvaney(63M)        (42:41)      72.00
21)   Donna Smyth(57F)            (44:58)      68.35
25)   Sau-Mei Leung(51F)         (45:49)      67.08
26)   Meg Paugh(32F)                (46:24)      66.24
34)   Fred Ross III(70M)             (48:39)      63.17
41)   Cris Cote(54M)                   (50:03)      61.41
49)   Darrel Lasell(59M)            (54:45)      56.13
55)   Dennis Gilyard(66M)        (58:50)      52.24
56)   Walter Kuklinski(68M)     (59:07)      51.99

Current 4th series standings:
1)         Kevin                           337.20 
2)         Jeff                             329.39
3)         Josh                            327.60
4)         Meg                            290.70
5)         Donna                        286.63
6)         Sau-Mei                     275.55
7)         Cris                             272.48
8)         Fred                           265.20
9)         Darrel                       229.45
10)     Dennis                      228.18
11)     Bob                           222.26
12)     Walter                      222.12
13)     Len                            153.70
14)     Paul                          128.06
15)     Jill                             110.17
16)     Elaine                        109.04

Current Streak:
1)         Fred                                              20
2)         Walter                                          14
3)         Donna                                           11
4)         Jeff                                                   9
5)         Dennis, Kevin, Josh, Sau-Mei,
  Darrel, Cris & Meg                         4
     12)      Bob                                                  1

All time finishes:
1)         Fred                                              20
2)         Donna                                          15
3)         Walter & Laurel                         14
4)          Jeff                                                 9
5)         Bob & Len                                      7
6)         Dennis                                            5
7)         Kevin, Josh, Sau-Mei,
   Darrel, Cris & Meg                       4
8)         Dick Hoch & John Kowalski       3
9)         Paul, Jill & Elaine                         2

Total all time series points:
1)         Fred                                     1,117.80
2)         Donna                                 1,008.99
3)         Walter                                    785.50
4)         Jeff                                          722.33
5)         Laurel                                     678.77
6)         Len                                          525.68
7)         Bob                                         509.07
8)         Dennis                                   343.39
9)         Kevin                                     337.20
10)     Josh                                       327.60
11)     Meg                                      290.70
12)     Sau-Mei                               275.55
13)     Cris                                       272.48
14)     Darrel                                  229.45
15)     John Kowalski                   190.97
16)     Paul                                     128.06
17)     Dick Hoch                          121.67
18)     Jill                                        110.17
19)     Elaine                                  109.04
Following are a few pictures from the race. Next up is the 5th n final race of the 4th series…the Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race on June 17th in Gorham, NH. If you get any pictures there, please send them to me for possibly using in updates. Thanks!
Jeff, Josh & Kevin looking forward to doing "battle"

Sau-Mei warming up :)

Aide station crew awaiting the runners, thanks sooo much for your help!

Wanting to take runners pictures, Robin n timers let me start early n time myself

Clock at 28:51, awaiting the first runner.

Drew Best about to win in 30:44

Kevin is our 1st finisher in 38:22

Jamie Woolsey about to win in 38:49

Jeff coming on strong!
Josh digging deep!
Donna with a few hundred yards to go

Bob looking good about to win the 60-69 age group!

Kevin & Jeff cooling off under the tent with Suzy West N Leslie O'Dell

Donna "flying" to the finish!

Meg with a couple hundred yards to go.

Sau-Mei striding towards the finish!

Meg did great, still recovering from her Boston qualifier @ Vt City!

Cris bringing it home!

Cris glad to be done.

Darrel always looks like he's enjoying himself, way to go!

Dennis and Walter about to crest the final incline!

Finish line dead ahead!

Walter looking great!

Robin presents Meg with 2nd place award in 30-39 AG

Josh receives his award

Kevin gets 3rd in a tough 40-49 group

Sau-Mei is excited with her 3rd place in 50-59 AG!

Jeff gets 2nd in 50-59

Donna is 2nd in 50-59 AG

Bob won the 60-69 AG, way to go Bob!

Gathered all of our members still present for a great group pix in front of Greg's nice RTTTOVT setup, thanks Greg!!!

All for now, see you Saturday, June 17th for our final race! Be great if(somehow) we could get another group picture!?

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