Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Series Update

A huge thank you to the Mount Washington Auto Road and my local running club the Red Clover Rovers for their support!!!

Since Hackers Hill Climb has been cancelled, there will now be only 5 races.

You will now have until Friday, September 14th @ midnight to enter the series, changed from Friday, August 22nd.

Currently there are 4 people signed up. I’ve been given 30 Mount Washington lottery by-passes which will be available on a first come first serve basis.

Scroll down to Tuesday, June 17th for more detailed information.

If you have any ?’s, then please email me @

Hope to see you on Sunday, August 24th for The North Face Race to the Top of Vermont!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race – Final series race # 7


 This past Saturday saw a great group of runners competing. The temperature was about 50 degrees and sunny when we arrived at 7:26 am at Great Glen and traffic was backed up on Rte 16 waiting to get in.


Finally, crossing over the bridge, with Mount Adams and Madison off in the distance…

We were directed where to park in the field. It was sunny and we could see the distant summit that would be our destination!

Runners that hadn’t picked up their race packets yesterday, waited in line for them.

As starting time approached the runners began to gather

Northeast Delta Dental CEO Tom Raffio addressed the runners…

…as the runners lined up…


…and the roar of the cannon sent them on the way up the “Only One Hill” on the course.


I had decided to carry my camera and get some shots along the way.  Here the runners string out with the leaders already entering the trees.


At the mile marker, actually 0.9 miles from the start, I saw Laurel Shortell...who is leading the series coming into this last race. She is in black, third from the right.


Merrimack Valley Striders were handling this aide station…thanks to all you Great Volunteers!!!

Just past 4 miles I passed Northeast Delta Dental CEO Tom Raffio (in yellow), who was looking good!

Just before the 5 mile post looking down on the Glen House and starting area.


Approaching the “5 mile turn” with the summit in the clouds.


Passing 5,000 feet.
Aide station hosted by the Heartbreak….?????????

Passing mile 6…

Looking back from the 6 mile post.
Looking up by the “Cow Pasture”.
Now just over a quarter mile to go!


After I finished in 2:13, I waited and took pictures of others finishing.
Photo thanks to Joe Viger Photography
Soon Laurel came along with that great smile of hers! She did it, completed everyone of the 7 races in the 1st Northeast Uphill Mountain Series!!!


Back down at the base Laurel was presenteded a plaque by John Stifler for her outstanding achievement!
So that concludes the 1st year of the series. Laurel and I met requirements and achieved "Mountain Goat" status. Besides us, only Donna Smyth had joined the series.
Laurel leads in overall points at 329.53 (7 races) with me second with 305.76 (6 races) and Donna with 190.70 (3 races).
As the scoring was on your best 4 races, I placed 1st with 215.46, Laurel 2nd with 205.49 and Donna with 190.70.
Laurel has the longest streak with 7, me with 6 and Donna with 2.
2nd Series will begin with The Race to the Top of Vermont on August 24th @ 9 am, as Hacker’s Hill Climb has been canceled.

Scroll down to Tuesday, June 17, 2014 for all the details and how to qualify for a Mount Washington lottery by-pass

email me with ?'s See you soon!!!