Wednesday, September 2, 2015

North Face Race to the Top of Vermont

3rd Series, race #1

First of all I’d like to thank Greg Maino, Race Director for the Race to the Top of Vermont! He helped get the word out about the series to runners interested in mountain races! Thank you Greg and to all the great volunteers and supporters for your first class event!!!
Welcome to new series runners Dennis Gilyard, Len Hall, Jeff Gould and John Kowalski!!!
With Whiteface being cancel’d, the Prospect Mountain Road Race in Lake George will take it’s place. Put on by the Adirondack Runners. Held on Mother’s Day weekend, next May.

Sunday, August 23rd  turned out to be a beautiful day! Runners started at 9 am.

Walter Kuklinski on his way to finishing more than 3 minutes faster than last year!

Laurel had a great race finishing over 17 minutes faster than last year!

Thanks to the many wonderful volunteers that provided refreshments at the finish!

Photo op with Donna and Laurel with the Nose in the background.

We had great views today!

On the way back down, there were still lots of volunteers at the aide station!

Jeff ran very well and finished 2nd in his age group!

Len also ran a good race, winning his age group!

With the first race completed here are the standings J
Series points and standings:  (there were 372 finishers)
      1)        Josh Ferenc            (33)        35:47.0      100.00
47)      Jeff Gould               (50)        45:44.7        78.22
56)      Len Hall                   (62)        47:21.6        75.56
102)     Donna Smyth        (55)        52:33.1        68.09
131)     John Kowalski       (47)        55:14.2        64.78
211)     Walter Kuklinski   (66)     1:02:31.4        57.23
237)     Dennis Gilyard       (64)    1:04:46.3        55.25
254)     Fred Ross III            (69)   1:06:46.8         53.58
269)     Laurel Shortell        (49)   1:08:00.6        52.61
Current streak:
1)      Laurel                                 13
2)      Fred                                    12
3)      Walter                                  6
4)      Donna                                   3
5)      Jeff, Len, John & Dennis   1
Total all time finishes:
1)     Laurel                                 13
2)    Fred                                     12
3)    Donna                                   7
4)    Walt                                      6
5)    Jeff, Len, John & Dennis   1
All time total series points:
1)    Laurel     626.78
2)    Fred        621.84
3)    Donna    452.76
4)    Walt       339.11
5)    Jeff            78.22
6)    Len            75.56
7)    John          64.78
8)    Dennis      55.25
Next up is Greylock this Sunday…see you there! Let’s try to get a group picture 15 minutes before the start J  If you get some pictures, at Greylock, please send them to me to possibly use in the write-up…thanks!

Monday, July 20, 2015

3rd Northeast Uphill Mountain Series 2015 - 2016

    The series will be made up of 5 races that are all uphill on roads, listed at the bottom of this post. It’s up to you to enter each race.
(Mount Washington  will count, if you get in. In order to meet series requirements, you must enter the lottery as an individual. If you don’t get in email me your notice of not getting in and you will  still be considered  a “Mountain Goat” towards a lottery by-pass, if you complete the other races.)
·         Lottery by-pass to the    Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race  (Requirements below)
·         Great camaraderie with others of similar interests, not to mention the pleasure of running up beautiful mountains!    
·         Support for fellow runners that will represent the USA at the World Championship by helping defer THEIR OWN personal costs to compete!
·         Support for the great work performed by the World Famous Mount Washington Observatory!
·         Custom certificates for each runner that attains “Mountain Goat” status by completing all the races.
·          Men’s & Women’s overall winners will receive $75 for first place, $50 for second place, and $25 for third place, based on total points from your best 4 races (which is how everyone will be scored).  Whoever wins the race gets 100 points; everyone else’s points will be calculated by dividing the winner’s time by your own. Example: winner’s time is 1 hour, yours is 2 hours. Your points would be 50.00 – thanks to my local running club, the Red Clover Rovers, for supporting this!

Requirements to join the series:
 Send a tax-deductible check for $10 made out to America Trail Running Association (ATRA), PO Box 9454, Colorado Springs, CO 80932    
 Please indicate “neuhms - team support” on your check memo line

             Send a tax-deductible check for $15 made out to Mount Washington Observatory, PO Box 2310, North Conway, NH 03860                             
Please indicate “Northeast Uphill Mountain Series” on your check memo line

Lottery by-pass:
            You must complete all five races. Up to 30 runners will be able to earn a lottery by-pass into the 2017 Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race. If fewer than 30 runners join the series, all will have a chance. If more, the first 30 to join will be eligible to receive a by-pass, after the first 30, additional members will be put on waiting list.  To clarify, if one of the first 30 runners to sign-up doesn’t complete all the races, the next person qualifies for a lottery by-pass, etc. Placement of your entry into the series will be determined by the date and time your sign-up email is received by me. Send an email to to let me know “the checks are in the mail” and you wish to join. A HUGE thank you to the Mount Washington Auto Road for their support!!!      
       Visit their website at
Tracking results:
             After you complete each race, email your time to    Times will be as listed in the official results, so if you disagree with your time you must straighten it out with the RD.  I will calculate and keep track of points. (Fyi…I’m doing this on my own time, which I am volunteering, as I’ve wanted such a series since the late ‘70’s!)

Races for 3rd Northeast Uphill Mountain Series
                        *** (2016 race info  will be be updated once it is available) ***
ALERT!!! Just found out there is a chance the Whiteface Uphill Footrace may be cancel’d due to lack of runners! Last year there were 95 runners and about 50 volunteers! Hopefully this won’t happen! A determination will be made August 1st. If you’ve never run it, please enter and help pass the word, it’s a Great Race with a lot of wonderful folks helping to put it on…you’ll be glad you did J A substitute race will be added if it is cancel’d. Possibly Prospect Montain Road Race in Lake George or Wachusett in Mass???

North Face Race to the Top of Vermont    in Stowe on Sunday, August 23th, 2015   9 am

Greylock Road Race    in North Adams, MA on Sunday, Sept 6

Whiteface Uphill Footrace    in Wilmington, NY on Saturday, Sept 19th 8am

Ascutney Mountain Run    in Windsor, VT    
*** (2015 was held on Sunday, June 14th  9 am) ***

Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race,    once again, will be the final race of the 3rd  series     
*** (2015 was held on Saturday, June 20th) ***

Friday, July 3, 2015

Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race
                     2nd Series, final race #5

Saturday, June 20, 2015 turned out to be a perfect day for the final race of the 2nd Northeast Uphill Mountain Series…the 55th Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race!
Joe Gray won the race in American Record time of 58:15, second fastest time in the history of the race! Following Joe was Andy Wacker, 2nd in 1:00:59 and Zach Miller, 3rd in 1:03:15.
Kim Dobson was the woman’s winner in 1:11:39 followed by Brandy Erholtz in 2nd in 1:15:34 and in 3rd was Laura Haefeli in 1:17:00.
Donna Smyth led runners in the series with a time of 1:41:21 and placed 3rd in her age group. Her CSU women’s (over age 50) team won the senior division AND masters! Pictured below is Donna, with teammates Suzy West and Jackie Shakar!

Donna on course with Steve Peterson just behind. Gianina Lindsey photo

Jackie Shakar, Donna & Suzy West

 Next up was Walter Kuklinski running a fine 1:58:45! This was also Walter’s 30th consecutive finish!

Walter on course. Gianina Lindsey photo

Walter was thrown a nice celebration for his 30th consecutive finish!

Laura Shortell improved last years time by 20 minutes! She finished in 2:01:19

Laurel on course. Gianina Lindsey photo

I brought up the rear in 2:14:16.

As I approached the finish, Peter Maksimow (who had finished 5th!) came up to me and took my camera to record my finish! Thanks are a "Rock" Star!!! :)
Laurel, Walter and I attained Mountain Goat status by finishing all 5 races. This gained us a lottery by-pass into next year’s Northeast Delta Dental  Mount Washington Road Race thanks to the Mount Washington Auto Road!!!
AND, in the money, based on a runners 4 best race combined points, was Walter with 232.83 and Laurel winning with 203.94 and earning a check for $75 each. In second was Donna with 193.97 and I with 219.12 earning $50 each. In third was Dick Hoch with 121.67 earning $25. Thanks to my hometown running club, the Red Clover Rovers, for proving these prizes!

2014 – 2015  2nd Series Final Standings:
Total Points;
                               Rtttovt Greylock Whiteface Ascutney Mt Washington             
1) Walt Kuklinski   52.93  +  57.76  +  61.52  +  60.62  +  49.05  +  281.88
2) Fred Ross III        49.33  +  60.21  +  57.69  +  51.89  +  43.38  +  262.50
3) Laurel Shortell   40.70  +  49.54  +  50.94  +  55.45  +  48.01  +  244.64
4) Donna Smyth     66.88  +  00.00  +  00.00  +  69.62  +  57.47  +  193.97
5) Dick Hoch            37.68  +  42.98  +  41.01  +  00.00  +  00.00  +  121.67
Points   best 4 races      1st = $75      2nd = $50      3rd = $25  
1)     Walter - $75        232.83
2)     Fred - $50            219.12
3)     Dick - $25            121.67
1)     Laurel - $75         203.94
       2)     Donna - $50        193.97

      Continuous Streak;
1)     Laurel      11   +   1   =   12
2)     Fred         10   +   1   =   11
3)     Walt          4   +   1   =   5
4)     Donna       1   +   1   =   2
5)     Dick           0   +   0   =   0

Total All Time Finishes;
1)     Laurel       11   +   1   =   12
2)     Fred          10   +   1   =   11
3)     Donna        5   +   1   =   6
4)     Walt           4   +   1   =   5
5)     Dick            3   +   0   =   3

    All Time Total Series Points;
1)       Laurel         574.17
2)       Fred            568.26
3)       Donna        384.67
4)       Walt           281.88
5)       Dick            121.67
3rd series begins with the North Face Race to the Top of Vermont on Sunday, August 23rd in Stowe, Vermont     
         link  @

***   I will update info on the 3rd Series shortly   ***

    Below are a few of the 600 pictures I took on race day, enjoy J

We arrived early and had a looong line leading from Rte 16 into the parking area!

Tons of folks on this glorious day and great views!

Lots of portable toilets and all had long lines!

This is the view that all but 19 runners, of 1,052 finishers, would have of Kim Dobson during the race!

As race time approaches, the runners are called to line up.

Dave Dunham and Jacqueline Gareau wish each other good luck.

Winner Joe Gray is the last to line up...

...and they are off!

Amazing line of runners with the leaders out of sight, heading up into the trees!

George Etzweiler, age 95!, about to start the climb!

Glen House can be seen over the person on the right's head. Already looks far away!

Aide station volunteers were GREAT!

Lots of runners taking "selfies" on this beautiful day!!! :)

Old Halfway House aide station.

All downhill from here :)

Looking back with Mt Adams & Madison.

The summit from "5 mile turn"

Looking back, just before the 6 mile mark.

Does this look steep???

This is such an amazing place!!!

The "Cow Pasture", longest "kinda flat stretch!

7 mile mark!!! :)


Summit and 6,000' :)

Gotta love the "HEADWALL"!

Peter greets me, takes my camera to record my finish! Great Guy for sure! Thank you Peter!

Made it once again! I'm beginning to love this place :)

Imagine all the stories out there! Tip Top House where Donna & I were married September 20, 2008 on a day with similiar weather!

In the center of the picture in red is Sarah Mae Berman working the finish line with her husband Larry across the way (out of the picture). If I understand it correctly, they founded the Cambridgr Sports Union! Sarah Mae was also one of the original women to run the Boston Marathon!

About time to head back down.

As we ride down, George continues up! He would finish in 3:28:41 and oldest finisher ever!

Mr New England Runner, Bob Fitzgerald, with woman's 65-69 winner Dot Helling!

CSU team members, left to right, Jackie Shakar, Donna Smyth, Eleonora Mendonca, Lisa Doucett and Suzy West.  Elenonora was inducted into the Hall of Fame this year! She won in '76, '77 & '78, setting the course record in '77 & '78! She also ran in the Los Angles Olympics for Brazil!

Former Mount Washington Race Director, Bob Teschek, presented Laurel with her Mountain Goat certificate and check for $75 for scoring the most points for women in the series...congratulations Laurel you are an amazing person! Laurell is the only runner to have completed EVERY race in the series since it began!