Tuesday, August 8, 2017

5th Northeast Uphill Mountain Series
2017 - 2018

    The series will be made up of 5 races that are all uphill on roads, listed at the bottom of this post. It’s up to you to enter each race.

   First off I’d like to congratulation the 4th series “Mountain Goats” who earned a lottery by-pass into the 2018 Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race! Congratulations to; Kevin Cavanaugh, Meg Paugh, Jeff Gould, Donna Smyth, Josh Curtis, Sau-Mei Leung, Cris Cote, Fred Ross III, Darrel Lasell, Walter Kuklinski and Dennis Gilyard!!!    I hope you can all be at the Race to the Top of Vermont so I might personally present your awards 😊

(Mount Washington  will count, if you get in. In order to meet series requirements, you must enter the lottery as an individual. If you don’t get in email me your notice of not getting in and you will  still be considered  a “Mountain Goat” towards a lottery by-pass, if you complete the other races.)


·         Lottery by-pass to the    Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race  (Requirements below)

·         Great camaraderie with others of similar interests, not to mention the pleasure of running up beautiful mountains!    

·         Support for fellow runners that will represent the USA at the World Championship by helping defer THEIR OWN personal costs to compete!

·         Support for the great work performed by the World Famous Mount Washington Observatory!

·         Custom certificates for each runner that attains “Mountain Goat” status by completing all the races.

.          Men’s & Women’s overall winners will receive $75 for first place, $50 for second place, and $25 for third place, based on total points from your best 4 races (which is how everyone will be scored).  Whoever wins the race gets 100 points; everyone else’s points will be calculated by dividing the winner’s time by your own. Example: winner’s time is 1 hour, yours is 2 hours. Your points would be 50.00 – thanks to my local running club, the Red Clover Rovers, for supporting this!

Requirements to join the series:

 Send a tax-deductible check for $15 made out to America Trail Running Association (ATRA), PO Box 9454, Colorado Springs, CO 80932    http://trailrunner.com/

 Please indicate “neuhms - team support” on your check memo line

        Send a tax-deductible check for $15 made out to Mount Washington Observatory, PO Box 2310, North Conway, NH 03860                                      https://www.mountwashington.org/ 


 Please indicate “Northeast Uphill Mountain Series” on your check memo line

Lottery by-pass:

       You must complete all five races. Up to 30 runners will be able to earn a lottery by-pass into the 2019 Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race. If fewer than 30 runners join the series, all will have a chance. If more, the first 30 to join will be eligible to receive a by-pass, after the first 30, additional members will be put on waiting list.  To clarify, if one of the first 30 runners to sign-up doesn’t complete all the races, the next person qualifies for a lottery by-pass, etc. Placement of your entry into the series will be determined by the date and time your sign-up email is received by me. Send an email to mtnrunr@comcast.net to let me know “the checks are in the mail” and you wish to join. A HUGE thank you to the Mount Washington Auto Road for their support!!!      

       Visit their website at   http://mtwashingtonautoroad.com/

Tracking results:

        After you complete each race, email your time to mtnrunr@comcast.net    Times will be as listed in the official results, so if you disagree with your time you must straighten it out with the RD.  I will calculate and keep track of points. (Fyi…I’m doing this on my own time, which I am volunteering, as I’ve wanted such a series since the late ‘70’s!). It’s all about keeping in shape n having FUN!!!

The races are…

Sunday, August 27thThe North Face Race to the Top of Vermont – 4.3 miles – Stowe, VT


    Sunday, Sept 3rd – Mount Greylock Road Race – 8 miles – North Adams, MA

    Saturday, May 12th  Prospect Mountain Road Race – 5.67 miles – Lake George, NY

               http://www.adirondackrunners.org/ (not yet listed)

     *** Sunday, June 10thAscutney Mountain Run – 3.7 miles – Windsor, VT

               https://www.racemenu.com/events/146516-Ascutney-Mountain-Run (from 2017)

   *** Saturday, June 17thThe Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race – Pinkham Notch, NH


*** indicates 2017 date

Onto the Northeast Uphill Mountain Series #5!!! 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Northeast Delta Dental 57th Mount Washington Road Race

Race #5 - final race of the 4rd series!

Had great weather once again! So good to see so many friends that run this race from year to year! Congratulations to Joe Gray and Shannon Payne on their wins! If you started this race yor already a winner in my book!

5th Series begins with the Race to the Top of Vermont on Sunday, August 27th in Stowe, Vermont! Hope to see you there! http://www.rtttovt.com/

Will post all you need to know here shortly…stay tuned 😊

Series points and standings for Mount Washington: (1048 finishers)
          1)           Joe Gray(33M)                           58:58
          68)        Kevin Cavanaugh(48M)            1:27:11
          83)       Jeff Gould(52M)                       1:29:43
          126)      Bob Mulvaney(64M)                 1:35:32
          149)      Len Hall(63M)                          1:37:36
          153)      Josh Curtis(42M)                      1:38:00
          215)      Donna Smyth(57F)                   1:43:31
          269)      Sau-Mei Leung(51F)                1:46:54
          316)      Fred Ross III(70M)                   1:49:32
          854)      Walter Kuklinski(68M)             2:25:51
          865)      Dennis Gilyard(66M)                2:26:52

4th series points – best 4 races:
          1)           Kevin                                337.20
          2)          Jeff                                  329.39
          3)         Josh                                  327.60
          4)         Meg                                   290.70
          5)         Donna                               286.63
          6)         Bob                                   283.9
          7)         Sau-Mei                             275.55
          8)         Cris                                   272.48
          9)         Fred                                 265.20
         10)       Darrel                              229.45
         11)       Dennis                             228.18
         12)       Walter                             222.12
         13)       Len(3)                             214.12
         14)       Paul(2)                            128.06
         15)       Jill(2)                              110.17
         16)       Elaine(2)                         109.04

Final 4th series standings-total points: 
          1)         Kevin                                        404.84
          2)         Jeff                                            395.12
          3)         Josh                                          387.61
          4)         Donna                                      343.59
          5)         Sau-Mei                                   330.71
          6)          Fred                                         319.03
          7)         Meg                                          290.70(4)
          8)         Bob                                           283.98(4)
          9)         Cris                                            272.48(4)
          10)       Dennis                                      268.33
          11)       Walter                                     262.55
          12)       Darrel                                      229.45(4)
          13)       Len                                           214.12(3)
          14)       Paul                                          128.06(2)
          15)       Jill                                              110.17(2)
          16)       Elaine                                        109.04(2)

Current Streak:
1)      Fred                                                  21
2)      Walter                                              15
3)      Donna                                              12
4)      Jeff                                                    10
5)      Dennis, Kevin, Josh & Sau-Mei     5
6)      Darrel, Cris & Meg                           4
9)      Bob                                                      2
10)    Len                                                      1

All time finishes:
               1)         Fred                                             21
               2)        Donna                                          16
               3)        Walter                                          15
               4)        Laurel                                           14
               5)        Jeff                                                10
               6)        Bob & Len                                      8
               8)        Dennis                                            6
               9)        Kevin, Josh & Sau-Mei                5
              12)      Darrel, Cris & Meg                      4
              15)      Dick Hock & John Kowalski       3
              17)      Paul, Jill & Elaine                         2

Total all time series points:
               1)            Fred                                1,171.63
               2)           Donna                             1,065.95
               3)           Walter                                825.93
               4)           Jeff                                      788.06
               5)           Laurel                                 678.77
               6)           Len                                      586.10
               7)           Bob                                     570.79
               8)           Kevin                                  404.84
               9)           Josh                                    387.61
              10)        Dennis                                383.54
              11)        Sau-Mei                             330.71
              12)        Meg                                    290.70
              13)        Cris                                      272.48
              14)        Darrel                                  229.45
              15)        John Kowalski                   190.97
              16)        Paul                                     128.06
              17)        Dick Hoch                           121.67
              18)        Jill                                         110.17
             19)        Elaine                                 109.04                            

Following are a few pictures from the race. Only one in the race is one I bought from Scott Mason. Wish there were more! For some reason(computer hates me!) couldn't add some captions without the pictures going bout of order!? Pretty sure you all know the story...

Nice to see the Glen House Friday afternoon!

Snow Coach on display

Donna picking up her race # from race volunteer Donna Smyers.
Nice to run into Jackie, Leslie n Kim!

Great to see my old friend John Cederholm race morning!