Tuesday, May 30, 2017

28th Prospect Mountain Road race

4th series, race #3

First I’d like to thank the Adirondack Runners, race directors Christine Cifone-Clohosey and Jill Peterson as well as all the wonderful volunteers n helpers for another great event! Neat race article out of a local paper.

The course follows the paved Prospect Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway on the East side of the mountain from the junction of U.S. Route 9 and New York State Route 9N concurrency traveling 5.67 miles to the 2,030’ summit, rising 1,601’ vertical feet.

Who noticed this (pix below) at the summit? It’s the remnants of the Prospect Mountain Cable Incline Railway, which was at one time the longest cable railroad in the world. It was built in 1895 to transport wealthy visitors to the Prospect Mountain House, a hotel previously only accessible by horse-drawn carriage. The hotel eventually burned down, but its fireplace is still visible today atop the mountain…very cool!
Weather on race day was really nice with temp’s in mid to high 60’s. There were 102 runners that completed the race.
We had a great time at this year’s race and “our runners” made a big impact! Meg was 2nd woman n won her age group, Kevin was 3rd man n won his AG, Jeff was 4th Man n won his AG, Donna was 5th woman n won her AG and I won my AG! I want to wish Jill Larson n Paul Jones the best of luck on their move to California, you will be missed!
Winning this year was 16 year old Brian Beyerbach in 43:21! Series runners in order of finish; Kevin(48M) was 3rd in 46:25, Jeff(52M) was 4th in 46:39, Josh(41M) was 5th in 47:26, Meg(32F) was 14th in 52:10, Sau-Mei(51F) was 18th in 54:37, Donna(57F) was 19th in 54:58, I(70M) was 25th in 57:00, Cris(54M) was 26th in 57:16, Dennis(66M) was 53rd in 1:05:42, Darrel(59M) was 67th in 1:11:57 and Walter(68M) was 73rd in 1:13:59. Congratulations to everyone, as Dave Dunham might say “You’re 60% Mountain Goat”!!!
We now have 11 runners that are on track to qualify for a 2018 lottery by-pass into the Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race! Congratulations n looking forward to seeing everyone @ Ascutney on June 10th! Please help pass the info about it, here’s the link n thanks!!!
Here are the current stat's for the 4th series, please let me know if you find any errors, thank you!
Series points and standings for the Prospect Mountain Road Race: (102 finishers)
1)       Brian Beyerbach(16M)     100.00
3)   Kevin Cavanaugh(48M)      93.39
     4)   Jeff Gould(52M)                   92.93
     5)   Josh Curtis(41M)                  91.39
   14)  Meg Paugh(32F)                    83.10
   18)  Sau-Mei Leung(51F)             79.37
   19)  Donna Smyth(57F)                78.87
   25)  Fred Ross III(70M)                 76.05
   26)  Cris Cote(54M)                       75.70
   53)  Dennis Gilyard(66M)             65.98
   67)  Darrel Lasell(59M)                 60.25
   73)  Walter Kuklinski(68M)          58.59
Current 4th series standings:
1)          Kevin                257.10
2)          Jeff                    252.68
3)          Josh                   252.43
4)          Meg                   224.46
5)          Donna               218.28
6)          Cris                    211.07
7)          Sau-Mei            208.47
8)          Fred                   202.03
9)          Dennis               175.94
10)        Darrel                173.32
11)        Walter               170.13
12)        Len                     153.70
13)        Bob                     150.26
14)        Paul                     128.06
15)        Jill                        110.17
16)        Elaine                  109.04

Current Streak:
1)             Fred                                     19
2)             Walter                                 13
3)             Donna                                  10
4)             Jeff                                          8
5)     Dennis, Kevin, Josh, Sau-Mei,
 Darrel, Cris n Meg                        3
All time finishes:
1)                    Fred                                                19
2)                    Donna n Laurel                             14
3)                    Walter                                            13
4)                    Jeff                                                     8
5)                    Len                                                     7
6)                    Bob                                                    6
7)                    Dennis                                               4
8)     Kevin, Josh, Sau-Mei, Darrel, Cris, Meg,
 Dick Hoch n John Kowalski                           3
    17)                 Paul, Jill n Elaine                             2
Total all time series points:
1)                     Fred                                      1,054.63                  
2)                     Donna                                     940.64
3)                     Walter                                     733.51
4)                     Laurel                                       678.77
5)                     Jeff                                            645.62
6)                     Len                                            525.68
7)                     Bob                                           437.07
8)                     Dennis                                      291.15
9)                     Kevin                                         257.10
10)                             Josh                                           252.43
11)                             Meg                                           224.46
12)                             Cris                                             211.07
13)                             Sau-Mei                                     208.47
14)                             John Kowalski                           190.97
15)                             Darrel                                         173.32
16)                             Paul                                             128.06
17)                             Dick Hoch                                   121.67
18)                             Jill                                                 110.17
19)                             Elaine                                          109.04
Following are a few pictures from the race. Next up is the Ascutney Mountain Run on June 10th in Windsor, VT. If you get any pictures there, please send them to me for possibly using in updates. Thanks!
Donna warming up.
Walter n Dennis talkin about it.

Sau-Mei n Josh awaiting the start.

Cris enjoyin the Beautiful summit area!

Dennis finishing strong!

Darrel has more FUN than anyone!

Next stop, the FINISH!!! :)

Walter about to finish with Lake George below.

Always great to see Laura Clark!

Another happy runner with parking lot. About 1/4 mile from here.

Meg defines Happiness!!! Congrat's Meg!

Kevin receives his award from RD Christine, Great event!!!

A few of our "Motley Crew" :) Summit above...see you @ Ascutney!!!