Friday, June 6, 2014

Whiteface Mountain Uphill Race – Series race 5

Laurel and I ran this race and are the only 2 to maintained our possible “Mountain Goat” statis. This was Laurel’s 5th race (hasn’t missed even one!) and my 4th. Scoring is on your best 4 combined times. I barely overtook Laurel with 213.44 points to her 205.49…making us the King & Queen of the Series!!! Yahoo J  Whiteface was a small race but also a very nice one! The winner was jacob malcomb in 1:02:44.75.
Laurel approaching the finish
As always a great big smile, way to go Laurel!
King & Queen of the Mountains

So the next race is the Ascutney Mountain Run on Sunday, June 8th @ 9am.

And the final and Grand Daddy of them all…Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Foot Race on my birthday…June 21st J

At this time I expect to have 6 races in the 2nd Northeast Uphill Mountain Series consisting of;          

     Hackers Hill Climb in Casco, ME on August 9th

     Race to the Top of Vermont on August 24th

     Greylock Road Race on Sept 1st

     Whiteface Uphill Footrace on Sept 13th

     Ascutney Mountain Run – this year on June 8th


     Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race as the final race of the 2nd series

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