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Whiteface Mountain Uphill Footrace – 2nd Series, Race #3

pix I took last year

Saturday, September 13, 2014 turned out to be a decent day to race but a bit chilly, in the 40’s, for the volunteers that did another outstanding job! After a few instructions, the race started at 8 am. Leading the way on this day was Jacob Malcomb who clocked 1:04:20 and leading the women was Hailey Bitner in 1:21:50. Rounding out the podium was Duncan Douglas in 1:07:16 and Phil Lynch in 1:09:33 for the men, for the women was Kim Douglas in 1:23:08 and Judith Stirnimann in 1:34:14. Runners in the series this day were Laurel Shortell, Walter Kuklinski, Dick Hoch and myself. After finishing today’s race, Laurel will have finished EVERY race since the Series began! Thanks to RD Michelle Burns for her support and to Pat Hendrick Photography for providing pictures! Pictures of this years race are here   http://www2.backprint.com/pathendrickphoto/127912  and available for purchase, thanks Pat!


Pix provided by Richard Gilyard
Walter Kuklinski (RT) talks with Richard Gilyard  & I just prior to the 8 am start, this picture thanks to Richard, thank you! I’m wearing a hat that all the runners received this year. All the following pictures were provided by Pat Hendrick Photography, Thanks you so much!

Start of the race saw 86 excited runners heading up the paved auto road.

Walter on course went on to finish in 54th place in 1:44:33.7 …way ta go Walter!!!

I enjoy’d the race and the wonderful organization. Finished 63rd in 1:51:29.9

Always a great smile and Laurel lookin good running 2:06:16.7 finishing in 79th position.

Dick finished in 2:36:50.6, below is the write up Dick did for the Western Mass AC Club Newsletter about the Series and his race. Thank you and Congrat's Dick and love your shirt ! ! !
To Th Mountains
I decided to try th N. E. Mtn Series, even tho mountains are
nowhere near where I live. ( I have an xcellent car mechanic )
First race was up to Vermont’s highest peak, Mt Mansfield, our
race distance 4.3 miles. I drove to my sister’s in Greenfield MA
th day b4 – lucky to have her and family there – then up early
for long drive way up north. When getting my race number
along with many others, “Dick, you too!” That was Bob S.,
(who finished 1st 60 – 69 ) also from a long way off: Rhode
Island! Just b4 starting I spotted Laurel S., tapped her on
shoulder. Always good to meet with her – positive spirit and a
smile – especially at such times. “Have fun.” So 4.3 mi. isn’t
that much, but when it’s all steep uphill, it IS!
Among us runners were hikers, many of whom moved right
along. Actually that was all I could manage most of th time.
As I came within a half mile of th summit I was surprised and
certainly encouraged to hear guys & gals cheering – hollering
for me by name! Strange but really neat, and not to be
forgotten. Up top I drank water, took some banana, then started
down, feelin fine and lovin th views for a couple mi.
At that time th mountain-bike riders – yes struggling mightily –
were pushing their way up so we hollered-cheered for them. _
With quite a ways yet to go I was fast losing energy.
Almost there, OOPS I fell. Lucky for me, immediately 2 big
burly guys scooped me up to haul me down where I got water as
well as energy bars from Andrea, who had a whole bag!
Soon I was OK.
On Labor Day morning following my 3-hour drive, R. D.
Kent L. at th base of Mt Greylock for th 39th annual road race,
allowed me to begin early which I did after buying this year’s
outstanding, must-have shirt. I felt pretty good thru 4 of th 8
quietest coolest miles. When it got noticeably tuff I was lucky
that Donna S. came by in car and paused to cheer me onward
( as well as at th top ) _. Still, I couldn’t keep 22 of this day’s
best mountain runners from passing, then finishing b4 me.
I wish I could’ve hung-around awhile to unwind and enjoy th
day with everybody, but I had my 3-hour Labor Day drive to do.
I left my motel not far from Wilmington NY in th Adirondacks
about 7:00 for th Whiteface Mtn Uphill Footrace, 3rd in th
Series. While waiting – quite cool – to start I enjoyed meeting
and being with Laurel S., Jeff G. ( who would be 7th ), Walt K.,
and Fred R. Th constant climb up th 8-mile summit road would
prove xtremely challenging for me. At th outset I passed some
“take- their- time talkers” who hung behind me so I heard from
time to time for quite awhile. At the same time a ways ahead of
me I watched a fellow very gradually pull away; I tried but
could not speed up. After several miles when th talkers – still
talking & laughin – caught me and went by, I became th
caboose. Thru th fog struggling monumentally I did eventually
reach th top / th end, yes last.
Thoughts on that: Somebody’s gotta be last in every race.
As long as I’ve given it 100% effort, which I did, then OK.
I’d sure rather have tried my best yet still come last than not
to’ve showed-up at all…… But I wish I wasn’t last.
Altho I won’t be bragging about, or even mentioning, my
results, I’m glad I drove th distances to attempt these different,
uniquely challenging, hard races. By persevering to complete all
3 mountain races I earned that core feeling of accomplishment
that cannot ever be given to me, that I now own, that nobody
can take away.
P. S. Guess what.
This Series, of 5, not 3 races, continues next June. I’ll be there.
Dick Hoch

2014 – 2015 2nd Series Standings:
                                    Rtttovt      Greylock     Whiteface
1) Donna Smyth             66.88                                                66.88
2) Walter Kuklinski    52.93    +    57.76    +     61.53   =  172.22
3) Fred Ross III            49.33    +    65.25     +     57.70   =  172.28
4) Laurel Shortell       40.70     +    49.54     +     50.95   =  141.19
5) Dick Hoch                37.68    +     42.98     +     41.02   =  121.68
     Continuous Streak;
1) Laurel      9 + 1 = 10
2) Fred         8 + 1 = 9
3) Donna     3 + 0 = 0
4) Walt        2 + 1 = 3
5) Dick         2 + 1 = 3
Total All Time Finishes;
1) Laurel       9 + 1 = 10
2) Fred          8 + 1 = 9
3) Donna                   4
4) Walt          2 + 1 = 3
5) Dick           2 + 1 = 3
    All Time Total Series Points;
1) Laurel     419.77  +   50.95   =  470.72
2) Fred        420.34  +   57.70   =   478.04         
3) Donna                                           257.58
4) Walt       110.69  +   61.53   =   172.22
5) Dick          80.66  +   41.02   =   121.68
Later this year the series resumes with the Ascutney Mountain Run and concludes at the Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race.
Ascutney Mountain Run in Windsor, VT *** (this year was on Sunday, June 8th 9 am) ***

Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race, once again, will be the final race of the 2nd series *** (this year on Saturday, June 21st) ***

If you find any errors or have any ?'s contact me @ fred.ross@state.vt.us and if you know of anyone than might be interested in the Series please pass the word, thanks so much...hope we get some snow soon!

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