Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mt Greylock Road Race

3rd Series, race #2

First off, I want to let you know the Prospect Mountain Road Race has been scheduled for Saturday, April 30th. Here's the link

Also, I learned of Dick Hoch's passing and guessing you may have known him. I first met him at some trail race a long time ago. He wrote many articles for the Western Mass Athletic Club newsletter in his own very special style. One hellova Great Guy that will be very much missed! He was on track to complete the 2nd series by finishing RTTTOVT, Greylock and Whiteface. He had some troubles and was recovering when he passed away. RIP Dick!

Dick in the 2014 Whiteface Race.

The Greylock race had some great weather! Drew Best won in 54:37.1 Leading the way for our series racers was Jeff Gould placing 17th in 1:08:14.6 Len Hall was our next finisher in 19th place in 1:08:55.9. Following close behind was Bob Mulvaney in 25th in 1:10:05.5. Next was Donna Smyth in 49th place in 1:16:54. John Kowalski was 85th in 1:25:49.8. Walt Kuklinski was 99th in 1:28:39.9. In 111th place was Dennis Gilyard in 1:31:05.1. I came along in 1:31:29.5 for 114th. Laurel Shortell was 165th in 1:45:03.2.

Here are the standings going into the third race.

Series points and standings for Greylock: (372 finishers)
1)       Drew Best          100.00
17)     Jeff Gould            80.03
19)     Len Hall               79.24
25)     Bob Mulvaney     79.92
49)     Donna Smyth       71.03
85)     John Kowalski      63.64
99)     Walter Kuklinski  61.60
111)    Dennis Gilyard    59.96
114)    Fred Ross             59.70
165)    Laurel Shortell     51.99

Current Streak:
1)     Laurel     14
2)     Fred        13
3)     Walter      7
4)     Donna      4
5)     Jeff, Len, John & Dennis  2
9)     Bob          1

Total all time finishes:
1)     Laurel     14
2)     Fred        13
3)     Donna      8
4)     Walter      7
5)     Jeff, Len, John & Dennis  2
9)     Bob          1

All time total series points:
1)     Fred     681.54
2)     Laurel  678.77
3)     Donna  523.79
4)     Walter  400.71
5)     Jeff       158.25
6)     Len       154.80
7)     John      128.42
8)     Dennis  115.21
9)     Bob        77.92

Following are pictures of our series runners. Sorry I didn't get all of us!

Bob & Len warming up before the start.

Donna picking up her race number.

Laurel talking with George, Tim & Laura.
Donna, Emer, Paul & Peter warming up.

Len finishing strong!

Donna checking her time.

Walter ran well!

Dennis looking good!

I was really happy with my race!

Always great to see Laurel running well!

Sorry I didn't get to updating sooner! When I retired, I had to turn in my computer. Being the technical non-genius that I am, it's a challenge to figure out a different one! Turns out, it was actually easier than my work computer!

I'm looking forward to seeing you @ Prospect! Enjoy the rest of our wonderful(?) winter season!!!

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