Thursday, June 2, 2016

Prospect Mountain Road Race

3rd Series, race #3

I thought the Prospect Mountain Road Race was really nice! If you haven't run it before I'd highly recommend it! The road to the summit hadn't opened for the season yet so no traffic to deal with. There are great views from the open summit where you finish. The parking area is a short ways down from the summit, where someone helping you can park and walk up. A plus was great weather on race day!

I was sad to hear from Laurel Shortell that she is taking a break from racing so won't be continuing with us. I credit Laurel with the success for the series, without her dedication it would most likely not have continued...thank you so much Laurel!

Also, Dennis Gilyard was injured and could not run, wishing Dennis a speedy recovery!

John Kowalski wasn't at the race either. That leaves Jeff, Len, Donna, Walter & I as the only possible Mountain Goats.

See everyone at Ascutney on Sunday, June 12th!

Here are the standings going into the fourth race. Please let me know if any errors.

Series points and standings for Prospect: (115 finishers)
1)     Christopher Chromcz          100.00
6)     Jeff Gould                               84.91
11)    Len Hall                                 79.69
20)    Bob Mulvaney                       75.78
28)    Donna Smyth                         72.36
52)    Fred Ross III                          63.41
58)    Walter Kuklinski                   61.87

Current streak:
1)     Fred                                          14
2)     Walter                                        8
3)     Donna                                         5
4)     Jeff & Len                                  3
5)     Bob                                             2

Total all time finishes:
1)     Laurel & Fred                              14
2)     Donna                                            9
3)     Walter                                           8
5)     Jeff, Len & Dick Hock                    3
6)     Bob, Dennis & John                        2

All time total series points:
1)     Fred                                       744.95
2)     Laurel                                    678.77
3)     Donna                                    596.15
4)     Walter                                   462.58
5)     Jeff                                         243.16
6)     Len                                         234.49
7)     Bob                                         153.70
8)     John                                       128.42
9)     Dick Hoch                              121.67
10)   Dennis                                    115.21

Following are pictures from the race.

Donna & I went with RDers Christine(Lt) & Jill the afternoon before the race to put out aides stations & mile markers.

Donna warming up.
Donna, Walter & Jeff anxious to get started.
And we're off :)

Nice course and no traffic!

Looking NE down at Lake George as we ran by one of the pulloffs.

The race was 5.67 miles and had 3 aide stations!

Walter was having some leg troubles and I actually caught and passed him.

Neat mile markers & captions!

Parking area on right & trail to summit left.

Looking down at start by south end of Lake George.

Donna came down to cheer me on and get her stuff from car.

Summit n finish just around the corner :)

Lovely sight!!! :)

Walter looking good!

Walter finished strong!

Had some drinks n snacks up there :)

A really nice area around the summit!!!

Looking NE from the summit area.

They recognized 3 deep in 5 year age groups! Jeff won 50-54.

Len was 2nd 60-64.

Bob was 3rd 60-64.

Donna won 55-59.

I was 2nd 65-69.

Walter left after the race. He was 3rd 65-69.

You can see the summit from the awards n starting area!

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